Jumping Castle Hire in Rowville

butterfly jumping castleslide and jumping castle

At Comedy Clowns, we have been providing jumping castle hire in Rowville and entertaining the crowd for over four decades now. There is no better way to make the party more exciting for your kids than renting a jumping castle. Jumping castles will make them go crazy with fun. Therefore, we provide jumping castles in a variety of shapes, themes and colors. So you can pick the one that best matches the theme of your party. Our large range of jumping castles for kids include, Disney Princess Castle, Loonie Tunes, Sponge Bob, Princess Castles and Cars, to name a few. We also have separate jumping castles for adults and teenagers. Having a lot of castle ideas, we will ensure that you can choose a good one for your bash.

Clown Hire in Rowville

Which party is complete without your guests bursting into loud thunders of laughter? Hence, we provide bespoke services of clown hire in Rowville. With us, you can not only choose the clowns but can also choose the duration of performance. We will charge you accordingly. This will help you save huge on your party expenses. Furthermore, the lace of laughter that you hear when our clowns perform will just tear your roofs off. This makes your guests realize that they are never too old to laugh their hearts out. Right from kid’s birthday parties to general and corporate events we will cater to every type of event. So the next time you host a party, you know whom to approach.

How About Some Magic?

Magic is one factor that fascinates everyone till today. Our services of magician hire in Rowville will add a dash of mystery to your party. While some of our clowns will also perform magic, we also have hardcore magicians. Their mesmerizing magic tricks will help your guests to create memories, which can be cherished for life.


Well, life is all about creating lovely memories and cherishing them. Hence, we have not limited ourselves to these services. We also provide face painting and balloon animal making services to extend the fun factor of your party.


If you still have any concerns, please reach us on (03) 9706 – 2433. We also get back to queries posted online for jumping Castle Hire in Rowville.