Jumping Castles

Jumping Castle and Bouncy Castle Hire

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The Clown and The Frog – Jumping Castle

3.7m x 3.7m
Holds children up to 9 years old. No more than 10 at one time.

Teddy Bears Picnic – Jumping Castle

3m x 3m
Holds children up to 9 years old. No more than 6-7 at one time.

Twin Slide Combo Bouncy Castles

7.1m Long, 3m Wide, 4.1m High.

Footy Jumping Castles

3.8m Long, 3.8m Wide, 5m High
The child has the banner of his/her favourite team placed on the front.

Butterfly jumping castle

3m x 3.7m

Combination Slide & Jumping Castle

5m Long, 4m Wide

Medieval jumping castle

4m x 4m

Baby Dragon – Great for kids upto 12yo

4m x 4m

Looney Tunes – Great for kids upto 11yo

4m x 4m

Disney World – Great for kids upto 13yo

4m x 4m

Disney Pixar Cars – Great for kids upto 11yo

4m x 4m

Disney Pixar Cars – Great for kids upto 11yo

4m x 4m

Froggy Fred – Great for kids upto 15yo

4m x 4m

Froggy Fred – Great for kids upto 15yo

4m x 4m

Rainbow Combo Castle/Slide – Great for kids upto 12yo

4m x 4m

Dragon Jumping Castle and Slide

4.57m x 5.5m
Holds all ages including adults. This is our largest castle.

Jungle Giraffe – Fun Jumping Castle

3.7m x 3.7m

Ready to take your party to a whole new level?

Wish to have something that would create laughter and joyful moments at your party? Then look no beyond Comedy Clowns for all your party entertainment needs. We being an expert in making your party a grand success, the range of bouncy castles like frozen jumping castle and indoor jumping castle for hire in Melbourne, are known to steal the show. Our sole aim is creating an entertaining evening for your guests, and hence we strive hard to find all ways possible to leave smiles on all of their faces. May it be kids or adults, irrespective of their age, we provide jumping castles for hire in Melbourne that will totally be loved by each one of your party invitees.

It is god to laugh and be mystified at the same time.

The various bouncy castles we offer on hire are – giraffe castle, butterfly castle, Disney princess castle & cars jumping castle which will keep both kids & adults entertained for hours.

Bouncy Castles For Little Ones

Keeping your kids energy high all evening is our responsibility. With the colorful themed jumping castles Melbourne, your kids will never utter a word of boredom in the party. We have lived successfully by only creating happy moments for kids. With the attractive themes of bouncy castles, your kids will go into an imaginative world of their own and jump high in joy and fall with laughter. You could enjoy your time socializing with your guests, as we have figured ways out of keeping your kids entertained throughout. Our range of castles for kids’ include:

  • Ghost bumps
  • Medieval Castle
  • The clown and the frog
  • Teddy bears picnic
  • Dragon
  • Football Jumping Castle
  • Frozen Jumping Castle
  • Adult Jumping Castle
  • Butterfly Castle
  • Combination slide and jumping castle
  • Giraffe castle
  • Twin slide
  • Medieval castle
  • World of Disney
  • Disney princess
  • Sponge Bob Slide/ Castle Combo
  • Looney Tunes
  • Cars Jumping Castle
  • Jumping could now be fun for adults too!

You will now not have to shed lots of money on buying a jumping castle as Comedy Clowns has made your job easier by providing you bouncy castle for hire in Melbourne. Our skilled operators will ensure that you are out of your stressed routine to enjoy some time out, feeling like a kid again. Our jumping castles can be set up at any place you want as we have castles that can run both on power and petrol. You could opt to party in either a rainy or a sunny weather as these castles are resistant to any weather conditions. These adult jumping castle hire Melbourne which include the Dragon and Clown theme are the ideal party entertainers for you to keep your guests entertained.

You can also hire a magician in Melbourne, whose tricks and actions will keep your guests locked in with fun and entertainment. We also provide professional face painting in Melbourne, where our painters make your kids imaginations turn into reality.

Castles are ideal for:

  • 21st Birthdays
  • Christmas Parties
  • Street Fairs
  • Fetes


We have the following jumping castles amongst our fleet :

  • Looney Tunes – Kids Jumping Castle
  • Disney Pixar Cars – Kids Jumping Castle
  • Giraffe – Kids Jumping Castle
  • Rainbow Castle – Kids Jumping Castle
  • Bouncy Clown – Kids Jumping Castle
  • Teddy Bears Picnic – Kids Jumping Castle
  • Baby Dragon – Kids Jumping Castle
  • Footy Fever – Kids Jumping Castle
  • Butterfly Betty – Kids Jumping Castle
  • Rainbow Combo – Kids Slide/Jumping Castle
  • SpongeBob Combo – Kids Slide/Jumping Castle
  • Ghostbumps – Kids/Teenagers Jumping Castle
  • Medieval – Kids/Teenagers Jumping Castle
  • Froggy – Kids/Teenagers Jumping Castle
  • World of Disney Kids/Teenagers Jumping Castle
  • Big Mama Dragon – Adults Jumping Castle