Jumping Castle Hire Frankston

ghostbumps jumping castlemedieval jumping castle

At Comedy Clowns, we provide jumping castle hire in Frankston. Our jumping castle will leave your children as well as other adults in your party totally mesmerized. Available in a variety of shades, designs and themes, our jumping castles will ensure that you will find the one that will perfectly fit the theme of your upcoming party. For kids, we have their favorite cartoon characters jumping castles too. We also have different types of jumping castles for adults and teenagers. However, kids’ jumping castles require supervision.

Magic Clowns for an Enthralling Party

Magic and clowns are two factors that will excite any type of crowd. We have magiciansclowns as well as magician clowns who will club both these tactics to mesmerize you and your guests. Therefore, whether you are looking out for magician hire in Frankston or clown hire in Frankston, then you have come to the right place. We provide both these services. Our clowns are highly experienced. Be it kids or elders, they will make sure that everyone will burst out into laughter.


Furthermore, children will enjoy their playful acts a lot. We also have clowns who know some magic tricks to keep your guests hooked to their seats. Their humorous tricks will make the crowd leave behind all their worries and enjoy the moment. If you are looking for some exotic magic tricks, then we have got you covered with that as well. Performing magic tricks for decades now, our magicians will leave your guests enthralled.


Apart from these, we also have experts who perform face painting and articulate balloon animal making. Here, both elders and kids can get their faces painted. Furthermore, making fun animals with balloons comes as an added fun for your toddlers.


So, what are you waiting for? Call us on (03) 9706 – 2433 to avail Jumping Castle Hire Frankston. Our professionals would be glad to assist you in transforming your party!