Jumping Castle Hire in Mornington Peninsula

butterfly jumping castleslide and jumping castle

The fun of childhood lies in jumping and hoping around without any hindrances. This is exactly what we provide at Comedy Clowns with our jumping castles. If you are looking for jumping castle hire in Mornington Peninsula, then look no further. We have a wide array of jumping castles in varying designs and shapes. So, you can pick the one that best suits your requirements. Not just the kids, we also help elders relive their childhood with our jumping castles for adults and teenagers. However, kids need to be monitored while they use jumping castles.

Magician Hire in Mornington Peninsula

Magicians will entertain any type of crowd. So, we provide magician hire in Mornington Peninsula. Whether it is a birthday party, corporate event, community get together or any other celebration, our magicians will entertain all your guests. Their magic tricks are brilliant and unique. They will leave you and your family mesmerized with their magical tricks. Our magicians have been entertaining people for decades now. Therefore, they carry rich experience to keep everyone glued to their seats, when they put on the show.

Clown Hire in Mornington Peninsula

Clowns will light up any gathering. That is why, at Comedy Clowns, we provide clown hire in Mornington Peninsula. Right from roving clowns to magician clowns we will provide them all. When our clowns perform your guests will roll down with laughter. Our magician clowns will carry out small magic tricks and playful acts that will totally enthrall all your guests. Besides, your guests will learn that it is never too old to laugh out loud.


We also provide balloon animal making in Mornington Peninsula that fascinates kids and keep them occupied, while you can enjoy your ‘me time’ peacefully. Furthermore, we also have experts of face painting in Mornington Peninsula. So, for your next bash you know whom to approach. Please do not hesitate to reach us on (03) 9706 – 2433. We also address queries that are posted online about Jumping Castle Hire in Mornington Peninsula.