Jumping Castle Hire in Knox

butterfly jumping castleslide and jumping castle

Are looking for jumping castle hire in Knox? Then you have come to the right place. At Comedy Clowns, we provide superior quality bouncy jumping castles that are fun to play with. These castles will leave you feeling totally light from inside and fun from outside. There is no doubt about your kids enjoying this bouncy play gear. What is less known is, even elders can have fun with our jumping castles. Yes, we do provide jumping castles for teenagers as well as adults. Kids jumping castles need adult supervision.

Magician Hire in Knox

Magic show can excite even the most serious people, as it plays on the curiosity of the audience. Therefore, we provide exciting services of magician hire in Knox. Our magicians are not only experts in their niche, but are also extremely passionate about what they do. Hence, you will find some of the best magicians here. The tricks performed by our magicians are brilliant and fast moving. These tricks will leave your guests mesmerized. They will help your guests escape into a new realm of fun and excitement.

Clown Hire in Knox

Every host would want to bring that million dollar smile on the faces of their family members and guests in their party. That is why we provide clown hire in Knox. When our clowns perform, your party will get laced by their laughter for sure. We also have magician clowns who can perform small playful magic tricks for your guests.


We also provide services of face painting in Knox. Here, our specialists will paint the faces of your guests of every age group, with the designs of their choice. So be it super heroes or favorite Disney characters, our professionals will paint them all on your children’s faces.


What more do you want? We have all the factors to make any bash a memorable one. Call us now on (03) 9706 – 2433 or post your queries online for Jumping Castle Hire in Knox. We will get back to you as soon as possible.