Children’s Magician Melbourne

Abracadabra! Comedy Clowns are Melbourne’s leading children’s magicians that will entertain your kids for hours on end with intricate and funny magic tricks. We love to see your little ones be entertained and have a plethora of shows tailored to their likings. With over 25 years of industry experience, our magicians here at Comedy Clowns are the finest in what they do and continuously aim to surpass client expectations. Providing an amazing entertainment experience for both young and old alike, we can make your event enjoyable for your guests. Our leading children’s magician Melbourne service is here to create unforgettable memories for everyone. Our dedicated team of performers strive to deliver exceptional service to make your dream event a reality.

We have a plethora of tricks up our sleeves and can entertain kids for hours on end. Hence why we have been awarded the title of leading children’s magician Melbourne. We have the best party magician Melbourne services and here is what some of our shows can include:

  • Close-up Magic Tricks
  • Comedy Magic
  • Roving Magic for Ant Sized Events
  • Sleight of Hand Magic
  • Event Stage Shows
  • Elegant Live Dove & Animal Productions
  • Magician or Adult Clown Characters

Joyfulness, dedication and overall excellence are the key stepping stones we have utilised to build our reputation on here at Comedy Clowns. We administer state of the art children’s magician Melbourne services and are always open to any suggestions from our clients. For more information on how you can hire our party magician Melbourne for your events, gatherings or socials; feel free to contact us directly and liaise with a friendly and lovely member of our staff. Additionally, if you would like a greater insight on how our shows look like, hop over to our online gallery and get a warm feeling of magic.